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I set up new computers with Windows 10, and part of that is performing Windows

I have noticed that many times I will start the update process, and it will just
get stuck on "Checking for updates".

Sometimes restarting the computer fixes the problem, sometimes not. Is this a
known problem, and if so is a solution available?

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I've experienced the problem where Windows 10 machines seem to be stuck on checking for updates, etc. when using the Settings | Updates & Security and selecting Check for updates.

To resolve I open cmd and type in usoclient startinteractivescan and that seems to make it rescan and start downloading and/or installing, and move forward from being stuck.

I've read various posts about usoclient and it being part of the Update Orchestrator Service process and having various system Task Scheduler tasks scheduled. I've not been able to find a lot about usoclient and it's command line options from Microsoft though unfortunately.

I'm guessing the issue is related to checking for updates during the Active Hours period and the GUI option "Check for updates" not allowing it to move forward with whatever it's stuck doing.

In some environments there could also be group policy settings that configure Windows 10 update configurations which contribute to the process potentially.

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Additionally, a few years back I wrote about things you can try to resolve this for other Windows Operating systems on Downloading Windows Updates takes forever which is rather comprehensive and some of it may still apply to Windows 10.

Supporting Resources

  • Command Line Equivalent of wuauclt in Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016

    Now, in order to force check Windows Update, follow the below instructions -

    1. Open a Command Prompt with Administrator privileges.
    2. Type in usoclient StartScan
    3. You will see that Windows Update in Settings.exe will start refreshing

    Note: USOClient.exe is located in C:\Windows\System32

    This will also force the client to report its status to the WSUS server (if configured).

    On using Sysinternal's Strings on UsoClient.exe, I found that there are more switches which can be used

    • StartScan: Used To Start Scan
    • StartDownload: Used to Start Download of Patches
    • StartInstall: Used to Install Downloaded Patches
    • RefreshSettings: Refresh Settings if any changes were made
    • StartInteractiveScan: May ask for user input and/or open dialogues to show progress or report errors
    • RestartDevice: Restart device to finish installation of updates
    • ScanInstallWait: Combined Scan Download Install
    • ResumeUpdate: Resume Update Installation On Boot

    Note: Attempting to run the Interactive mode if WU is configured to be solely non-Interactive, or on a non-Interactive server, should trigger an error (something along the lines of "AU Can not perform non-interactive scan if AU is interactive-only").

  • Manage device restarts after updates

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