Windows – Very slow context menu in Windows 8

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I've installed Windows 8 Pro on a blank new SSD, the system is on c:\.
I do not think this problem was existent when I started using Windows 8 but I think it started to happen after I've symlinked (mklink /D) a folder from another drive, a SATA drive, to c:\xampp\htdocs.

When I right click a file or folder inside the symlinked folder it always takes at least ~5-10 seconds until the context menu comes up. This also happens sometimes, but not all the time for files and folder outside of the symlinked folder.

Also when I delete folders the delete folder dialog seems to get locked and does not continue. When I delete a folder using rmdir from the command line it works fine and pretty fast.

It appears to me like the file explorer in Windows 8 is pretty bad compared to any other Windows I've used before? Any idea how to get these problems solved? I've already removed a lot of context menu entries; the only ones left are the tortoise git context menus but I'm sure that's not the problem.

Best Answer

I actually think it is tortoise git that's slowing it down. I noticed the slowdown immediately after installing it.