Windows – VMware VM Generates 100% Disk Activity


I have a fast new Windows desktop computer running Windows 8.1 with 32GB of RAM.

When I run a VM on this computer, the VM is extremely slow for about the first half hour or so of use. And if I look at the drive activity during this time, I see it remains close to 100%.

So I moved my VM to a SSD but I see the same result. I just now brought up a Windows 7 VM. All I did was open the desktop and did nothing else. But I still see the disk activity on my SSD is almost solid at 100%.

For the VM, I've allocated both 8GB and 16GB RAM, 60GB disk, and 4 of my 8 cores.

I have a similar configuration on a Windows laptop and don't seem to have this problem.

Can anyone suggestion where I should look to resolve this?

Best Answer

I was able to finally resolve this.

It turns out my new high end Dell had a problem in the BIOS that prevented USB ports from running at their optimum speed. Disk access became a major bottleneck that virtually brought the VM (which had plenty of resources) to a halt.

At one point Dell came and replaced the motherboard, which obviously did nothing. But a BIOS update did resolve the issue.