Windows wakes up the external hard-drive whenever a software opens directory tree

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I have two different external USB hard-drives which goes to sleep mode when not used for a while.

When any software program (or I, myself) opens directory tree, open/save dialog box or my computer window, Windows every time wakes up my hard-drive, and it take about 10 seconds delay. It always happens and it is indeed very frustrating.

How do I stop window do this unnecessary action? I want windows not to wake up my hard-drives unless I click one of them on the tree. Is there a way of configuring Windows to do this?

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64, up-to-date
HD: Independent of model; it happens with every hard-drive that support sleep feature

Best Answer

One way to do it is to mount each drive as a folder on your C drive. Your C drive will still spin up, but I believe you were more concerned with the external drives in your question.

Here's an article with instructions on how to set it up: