Windows – way to find recently updated passwords in KeePass


I'd like to find recently changed passwords in KeePass so that I can copy/paste them into another KeePass repository. I see that the date updated is stored as the version in the History tab, but I don't see a way to sort entries by this value. I'm thinking that this isn't possible.

Best Answer

KeePass 2.xx

  1. menu View > Grouping by Entry List > Off
  2. menu View > Show Entries of Subgroups → set checked
    OR to view all entries one time only, go menu View > Show all
  3. menu View > Configure Columns... → place check mark at Last Modification Time and confirm
  4. click the root item of your KeePass folder tree
  5. click header of Last Modification Time column to get all your passwords sorted by date/time

You can now see entries from your entire database sorted by Last Modification Time.