Windows – way to stop Java from continually running in background

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When Java is installed on a Windows system, is there a way to keep it from running continually in the background?

I would like it to be launched only when I specifically need it or use it, not all the time. For example only when the associated Java plugin is called by a web browser.

Is this possible?

Best Answer

If you installed regular Java (Java Runtime Environment), the only process which is running per default in the background is jusched.exe (Java Update Scheduler). This process just looks for Java updates. If you click on the Update tab of the Java Control Panel you will see this option:

☑ Check for Updates Automatically

However, for most people automatically looking for updates is highly recommended, as they often fix security issues. If unchecking it does not hinder jusched.exe from starting, you might want to try some of the hints provided here: How to disable jusched.exe on Windows 7 64-bit?

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