Windows – What are ‘folders of this type’ in Windows 10

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I like my folders in Windows 10 to show in 'Detail' view but Windows 10 is trying to be helpful and changes it according to some rule that I do not understand.

So each time this happens I change the 'View' option to 'Detail' and go to options and do 'Apply this view to all folders of this type'.

My question/s:

  1. What are the 'folders of this type'?
  2. How do I figure out what type is any particular folder?
  3. Can I change the type? or is the type it automatically determined (if so, how is the folder type determined)?

My overall goal it to tell Windows 10 to use the 'Detail' view at all times,
but I find it interesting to understand what the folder types are.

Best Answer

  • after more digging I think I understand the types of folders that exist in Win 10:

    to find what type your folder is

    1. right-click on empty space in file explorer and select 'Properties'
    2. go to 'customize' tab

    under 'optimize folder for:' there are 5 options:

    - general items
    - documents
    - pictures
    - music and 
    - video

    now, the question was to make sure that all folder types show 'details' view. you have to go through the "Apply this view to all folders of this type" for every one of the 5 types.