Windows – Which partitions should I clone in the new ssd?

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I have an ASUS laptop where I'd like to migrate my Windows 10 installation from the HDD it's currently installed on to a new SSD.

I plan to do this by cloning the relevant partitions on the HDD over to the SSD so I can later setup the SSD as my default boot drive. I plan to keep the HDD in the machine as storage.

In my cloning software, I can choose which partitions on the HDD to clone. Other than the obvious C: drive where Windows is installed I see a list of small partitions that I am not familiar with.

And there is this partition number 4 which doesn't fit in my SSD since the capacity is 240 GB.

Best Answer

If your partition layout is standard factory setup, I highly recommend that you clone all partitions to the SSD. These small partitions are for boot and recovery. Check out this link.

I don't know what software you're using to clone, but you'll need to resize these large partitions to fit in the new device - in fact, if they're not exceeding the maximum SSD total size. Softwares like Acronis TrueImage does this job very well, but it's proprietary and not free.

You can also delete unused files, defrag and resize these partitions through Windows itself before start the cloning procedure.