Windows – Which screencast program can record up to four hours of screen video and which codec to use

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I want to record a live online video show (record the computer screen) I'm attending. The total length will be four hours.

I know about the free Camstudio (Windows), which is able to record video. I just did a rough estimate of the resulting video by recording 1 minute of screen video with sound and the file size was about 40MB. Four hours would then be 9,6GB.

I'm wondering what choices in terms of programs I have and whether CamStudio will be enough to do the job or whether it will break at e.g. 2GB file size. Is there any other free alternative?

Best Answer

Camstudio should be able to produce much smaller videos. It depends on the video codec used. Jawor's Xvid codec is often recommended. But with 4 hours you will probably exceed the 2 GB file size limitation.

I suggest to take a look at Open Broadcaster Software. It's a very powerful open source recording and broadcasting software and uses the highly efficient x.264 encoder.

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