Windows – Why do the videos on the PC play in ‘slow motion’

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I have an odd occurrence with my PC.

When I try to play video files, whether it be online through YouTube or Facebook, or on my hard drive in Windows Media Player, they play in slow motion.

However, this does not occur for hard drive video files if I play them through VLC player.

I had a look online to resolve the issue, and multiple sites have said to update my display drivers, as well as my other drivers and flash player too. This hasn't solved my problem.

I've also tried disabling start up programs, malware scans, virus scans and disk fragmentation in the hopes of sorting my issue, but the same still happens, the videos (online or offline) play in slow motion except from VLC player.

I'm using Windows 10 if that helps, but any help is appreciated! 🙂

Best Answer

I had the same issue after an update to both my nvidia video card and a windows 10 update. Everything was working fine and then the video slowed for both windows media player and the movies & tv app. VLC was fine. After searching and searching.. I found this question and answers and wanted to confirm it is a sound issue. I have the sound coming through the hdmi to my tv monitor. And for some reason, the default sound device had switched to a different output device. I switched the default device back to what it was and the video started playing normally again. One of the updates must have messed up my default sound device. So anyone else who stumbles on this problem, check your sound settings in the control panel. keywords: windows media player, slow motion, playing slow, movies and tv app