Windows – Why does Internet Explorer repeatedly prompt to reinstall Silverlight

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Internet Explorer 11 repeatedly tells me I need to install Silverlight. However, I have already installed (and uninstalled and reinstalled) Silverlight several times with no success. I have even tried uninstalling with an advanced tool (Revo Uninstaller Pro). I am using Internet Explorer 11 x64 on Windows 7.

Silverlight works fine on the same system in Chrome and Firefox–just not in IE 11. I am a software developer, and so I have Silverlight SDKs, though it seems to me that should make no difference.

So why does Internet Explorer not recognize the Silverlight installation?

Best Answer

I had to enable the Silverlight add-on in IE (thanks to a post here):

  1. Click "tool" icon in upper-left of IE
  2. Manage add-ons
  3. Show "All add-ons" (left pane)
  4. "Microsoft Corporation" category
  5. Select "Microsoft Silverlight"
  6. Click "Enable"