Windows – Why does the VM hang on “Windows is loading files…” during a sysprep and capture task sequence

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My nice, well crafted reference machine will not boot at all! I'm trying to run a sysprep and capture task sequence (MDT 2010 and WDS off server 2012). I ran litetouch.vbs off the deployment share and selected the task, but upon reboot the machine hangs right here. With each reboot it continues to attempt the sysprep and capture task.

I'm loathe to spend a few more hours updating another one. I haven't been able to interrupt the boot using F8, and to be honest I'm not handy enough with Windows PE to diagnose this problem, but I can network boot to a WinPE image.

How can I diagnose and/or fix this problem from Windows PE? Are there any logs that I can access that might give me a clue?

For what it's worth, this is a VM running in VMWare Workstation 9.0 and I'm using an x64 boot image.

I shutdown the WDS server to make sure it wasn't loading files from it still. Seems it's not. Fixing it from the server side is likely impossible.

Also I'm trying to stand this WDS server up. The configuration is entirely new. So it's likely that I did screw up something on the server side. I'll figure that out later. What I'd like to do now is just get this reference VM booting again.

Best Answer

There are several log files that MDT creates during various stages of the deployment/capture problem. The TechNet article ‘Understanding Failures and Log Files’ will help you find them so that you can see what errors may be present. Another tip for MDT’s log files is to set the rule SLShare="path to deployment share" in your deployment share rules (customsettings.ini file). This will copy all of the log files to that location, making it easy to collect and view the log files for all of your deployments.

I also agree with MDT Guy about the network drivers. This VMWare knowledgebase article will help you extract the drivers from the VMWare Tools ISO. Then you will need to add them to the driver store and include them when you regenerate the boot images.

Lastly, the Deliver and Deploy Windows 8 page has the latest download link to the new version of MDT (2013) and many articles and videos to help you with deploying Windows.

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