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On most applications (whether Windows, Mac, Linux), it seems there is usually a {Ctrl,Cmd,Super}+q command that will quit the current application.

On Linux and Mac, you can type this keyboard shortcut and it will quit Firefox (after asking "are you sure", depending on your settings).

Is there an equivalent keyboard shortcut on Windows? Ctrl+q doesn't work (Firefox 34.0 on Windows 8.1).

Alt+F4 isn't sufficient, because that merely closes the current window. If I have multiple windows open, Firefox doesn't quit. And on top of that, when I do quit, Firefox will only reload the last window open instead of all the previously open windows.

I know you can type (Alt+f, x), but that is a two-step process, requiring the keys to be lifted between the first and second combination (and I like to be lazy). Plus, this is only guaranteed to work in English (not currently an issue for me, but possibly for others).

Is there a setting in about:config that will let me set or enable a keyboard shortcut to quit the entire application? Or any other way to set a quit keyboard shortcut?

Best Answer

  • Create a file named 'ffquit.bat' and add the line 'taskkill /im firefox.exe' Save.
  • Create shortcut to this file and right click the shortcut and select properties.
  • On the Shortcut tab, assign a shortcut key (CTRL+SHIFT+F for example)
  • Under the Run menu, select minimized.
  • Under Advanced, select 'Run as Administrator'. Click OK to save and close the Properties window.

Now every time you press CTRL+SHIFT+F Firefox will quit.