Windows won’t release lock on drive tray after burning a disc

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I have two bluray drives of the same exact model and brand installed in my computer. I occasionally like to use either of them to burn CDs or DVDs using various software (Windows Media Player 12, Zune, ImgBurn, Windows DVD Maker, etc). It will get through the burning process and complete successfully, but with either drive, it will not release the resource lock on the disc, meaning the disc continues to spin, the access light flashes continuously, and I cannot eject the drive. When I use ImgBurn to burn a disc, it will typically do a verify step after burning, which cycles the drive tray. Because the lock is not released, it will not be able to cycle the drive tray. Right now, I've just burned a CD in Windows Media Player, and it completed successfully (I can even play the CD in WMP) but I cannot eject the drive. The only reliable way I've found of getting the disc out is to reboot the machine and then when it powers back up I can eject the disc.

Why would this be happening? It's consistently doing this 100% of the time. I've updated my drivers but it didn't change anything.

This is the specific drive listing on TigerDirect: Lite-On iHBS212-08 12X Internal Blu-Ray Writer

I'm using Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1.

Has anyone run into this kind of issue before? What can I do to fix it?


Note, I also just updated the firmware for the drives, which didn't help. Additionally, I unplugged one of them (on the off chance that the fact that there were 2 identical drives was causing conflicts somewhere) and it made no difference.

Also, I found a way to force the ability to get the drive tray open without rebooting. Through ImgBurn, I went to the Tools menu, then Drive, then clicked "Close session" and it let me open the tray again.

Also of note, if I instead tried clicking "Eject" in the Drive menu in ImgBurn, it gave me a descriptive error message, basically stating lots of technical junk and the error "Logical unit not ready – Long write in progress". I think this long write is what's keeping the drive occupied. But it doesn't appear to ever finish. So is this a driver issue then? It does happen across programs.


Per Paperlantern's suggestion below, I tried using a Linux LiveCD session to burn a disc. I booted into Kubuntu and burned a small audio CD using k3b. Interestingly, it worked perfectly. It burned the CD and then ejected the disc at the end. So this apparently is not a hardware issue, but a Windows one.


After some troubleshooting with the help of a couple people here, I've determined that the likely cause is a problem with how Windows is issuing commands to ATAPI devices. This Windows installation originally was installed to an IDE drive, but it was switched over to RAID without doing a reinstall. This may have put Windows in a state where it isn't properly communicating with the drives. I did a fresh install of Windows on the machine (after backing up my previous installation) and did a couple test burns and Windows operates properly, ejecting the drive at the end of the burn job. I will restore my backup image and proceed from there.

Best Answer

So this happens on any and all types of burns? To alleviate ANY issues with current driver or software being the problem, what I would do, being as frustrated as you probably are, is to load a copy of linux mint or ubuntu linux onto a spare drive in the machine. Or use the live CD in one drive and try to burn something on the other drive, to see if the problem occurs in another OS and software environment altogether. It could at least tell us if the problem is the hardware (maybe bad batch of CD ROM drives with messed up cache or something equally bizarre?), or if the issue resides with your OS or driver in some way.

If it is OS related, running a sysprep on the machine would force a redetect and reinstall of the key components involved (CDROM drivers and the ATAPI interface software), and will most likely solve this issue since a new install worked.