Windows – WinXP: How to allow read-only remote desktop to non-admin users

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Using (WinXP flavored) Server 2003, how do I allow read-only remote desktop to non-admin users? I don't want to use the "invite for Remote Assistance" feature of MSN Live Messenger. I would rather have a method that doesnt require the chat program and instead ONLY requires the terminal services client program.

I can't seem to find the configuration setting anywhere.

I believe there is a way to get a admin session (session id =0) to prompt for a read-only non-interactive session but I don't remember how.

Best Answer

If you are talking about viewing your current active session, I have yet to find a good way using built in Windows components.

The best I have found is simply to install a flavour of VNC, such as TightVNC then they can connect either through a VNC viewer or the webpage. It is quite flexible and you can allow view only - in to your current active session.