Wireless WLAN Transmitter for Desktop Computer?


I would like to know whether I can buy a Wireless WLAN Transmitter for my desktop computer in order to not use a internet cable to connect to the internet but rather via my router's wireless WLAN option, or not.

I was thinking about buying the product below:

The idea is to just put this stick in and connect it with my computer and just make it connect to the internet with only this device and not the cable.

I personally think that it actually might not work due to the fact that there is no WLAN card or whatever those devices are called, built-in in my computer but maybe it is possible. That is why I thought I'd just ask the pros.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Best Answer

This should work fine. When you insert it into your computer, the device will become your wlan card and connect to your wifi at your house :)

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