Word 2013: Bullets don’t appear when creating bullet list

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In one particular word document (.docx in Word 2013) I keep encountering an issue where I'm unable to create bulleted lists, and I've tried everything I can think of to make the bullets appear.


When I select the block of text and press any 'bullet' style, the text indents (as if bulleted), but no bullet shows. If I try copying and pasting the line of text into an existing bullet list, it causes the bullet in the existing list to disappear. I've tried changing every font or paragraph setting I can think of which may be impacting this.

Here are two separate bulleted lists with the same style applied, the former with my setting problem and the second functioning normally:

missing bullet

The paragraph's Style has been correctly set to 'List Paragraph', which all of the bulleted lists have, and I can change this style to another type and then back to 'List Paragraph' and still the bullet won't show. Even after selecting a bullet type, clicking back on the bullet dropdown shows the current type as 'None'.


I've come across this issue in three separate sections of the document, and can bypass it by re-typing the text somewhere else and then deleting the impacted section of the document, but I want to understand the setting which is preventing my lists from working.

Best Answer

In case anyone else is having the issue (I had it with Word 2019 Office 365 for Mac): I realised that for me the problem was being caused by page breaks. If I hit enter then I could create a bullet list on the line above, just not for the line that included the page break. I hope this helps!