Word – Blurring an image in Word 2013 while it has been placed

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I have placed and styled (give height and width and some shadow) an image in a Word 2013 document. After that i've noticed there is some sensitive data on the picture, which can't be shown on the document.

Is there any way to blur out a specific part of the image without having to delete the image, edit it and place it back into the document?

Note: Cropping the image isn't an option.

Best Answer

I think the only way you can blur (meaning blur, not just hide or mask) is with a hack.

Download a font which is blurred (they exist, use your favorite search engine), and use the Text Box to draw a box over the area, type the same content over the top (masking the image below).

At worse case, you'll need to first add a shape over the area to mask it (using the same colour as the background , in your case black) and then add the blurred font.