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In Microsoft Word, I want to change the caption of an image from the default Figure 3 to 3 Figure.

enter image description here

It is possible? I can't find a way to do it.

Thanks for the help!

Best Answer

You have two options:

  1. This would need to be added manually every time, it does not create a new label format.

    1. Go to References -> Insert Caption.
    2. In the dialog box, check the option Exclude label from caption.
    3. Type your post-label (Figure) after the auto number
  2. This solution provides a degree of automation. You should of course substitute Figure instead of Equation.

    You could use SEQ fields to number them (though not automatically).

    1. Create a SEQ field e.g { SEQ Equation \# "# equation" } (the brackets are placed with CTRL+F9)
    2. save it as an autocorrect entry for (say) #eq
    3. insert it wherever you wish, or simply copy and paste.

    Note: SEQ fields do not update automatically so you can either select the document (CTRL+A) and update (F9) or use a macro to do so - see the example at http://www.gmayor.com/installing_macro.htm