Word – How to check the word count of selected text in Notepad++

notepadword count

Is it possible to view the word count for a selected text in Notepad++?

I'm been able to view the current number of selected characters and lines in the bottom status bar.

Status Bar word count

I'm able to view the total number of words in my document by opening View → Summary.

Word Summary

Unfortunately, neither option lets me view the word count for my currently selected text.

Best Answer

This can be achieved with the TextFX plugin for Notepad++.

  1. Install the plugin by clicking Plugins -> Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager
  2. Check TextFX Characters in the list of available plugins and click Install (Notepad++ will need to restart to finish the installation)
  3. After installation finishes, you can view the word count for the selected text by going to the TextFX menu, selecting TextFX Tools and finally Word Count:

TextFX Screenshot