Word – How to get the text top-aligned in a Word table cell

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I'm creating a resume in Word using a template that I downloaded from elsewhere. The template is a table with two columns, the top row of which is shown here:

top row of resume

I want the text to align with the top of the cell; that is, I don't want any blank space between the top of the cell and the text, and I want the row height to be just enough to accommodate the text. Here's what I've tried:

  • Both cells are aligned top left.
  • The top cell margin is 0 inches.
  • The before paragraph spacing is 0 pt.
  • If I decrease the cell height, the cells shrink without pushing the text upward.

None of these have worked. Any ideas?

Best Answer

  1. Set your focus inside the cell that you want to vertically align.
  2. Right-click and choose Table Properties.
  3. Under the Cell tab, choose Top for Vertical Alignment.