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I am regularly inspecting spec docs I get from a different team. Their docs are periodically revised and they keep tracks of the changes.

Whenever I open a doc, it is displayed in "Final: Show Markup" view mode. So, first thing I do is to get to the "Review" tab and change to "Final".

Is there a way to configure Word to always open a doc in "Final" view mode (w/o altering the document itself)?

Best Answer

You can achieve this using an AutoOpen macro, which is a macro that runs whenever you open a document.

  1. In a new empty document, on the View tab click Macros and then click Record Macro.
  2. Click OK to start recording and then on the View tab click Macros and then Stop Recording.
  3. Now click Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor and you'll find a new macro, probably called Macro1, that looks like this:

    enter image description here

  4. Replace it with this code and save:

    Sub AutoOpen()
        If Application.ActiveProtectedViewWindow Is Nothing Then
            With ActiveWindow.View
                .ShowRevisionsAndComments = False
                .RevisionsView = wdRevisionsViewFinal
            End With
        End If
    End Sub

The macro is stored in the Normal template and runs when you open a document. So now, whenever you open a document it will switch to Final view. The AutoOpen macro doesn't get embedded in documents you create or edit so you can share them with others.

Note that the AutoOpen() macro will not work on documents opened in Protected View, like email attachments from the internet etc.


To prevent potential security issues and the embarrassment of accidentally exposing internal comments and previous edits, you may want to configure word as follows:

  1. On the File tab, click Options.
  2. Under Trust Center click Trust Center Settings.
  3. Click Privacy Options and check the Warn before printing, saving, or sending a file that contains tracked changes or comments checkbox.

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