Word – How to set header & footer to be displayed vertically in MS Word

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I have a Word document which has portrait page orientation with headers and footers. Now I have to put some tables & illustrations that are too wide to fit into the portrait page – the page need to be oriented landscape.

But when I change page orientation of the page (which is within section bounds) the headers and footers are on the top and bottom of the wide side of the page – which is logically correct, but it breaks the layout of the document. I need the headers and footers to be on the narrow sides of the page, irregardless of the page orientation.

I know, that I can insert the table as a (rotated) picture and never change the orientation of any page of the document – but it is a messy solution.

Does the Word has some mechanism for controlling orientation of headers and footers, or did I just hit the wall of Word limitations as a typesetting tool?

Best Answer

Well firstly I'd say you don't want to be changing the page orientation, assuming you have more than just one page on your document. Because the Header and Footer will always be the same on every page and will be affected by the page orientation.

There is a simple way to change the Text Direction of data in a Table... In Office 2007, select your table > under the Table Tools menu > Layout tab > Alignment section > Text Direction.

Just click that button to flip your text 90 degrees. This will probably lead to more work to rearrange your table to suit :(

Also, not sure what do with your illustrations other than rotate them all manually?