Word – How to the clients easily send me passwords securely?


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How can clients easily and securely send me passwords?

I often need to get passwords from clients for FTP, SSH, MySQL, Authorize.net, etc.

What's an easy way for them to send me passwords securely? Maybe even without them needing a login/password?

Ideal: An easy way for non-tech-savvy people to send encrypted email.

Good: A web-based secure message system (hopefully in PHP) that I could host and run over SSL. I haven't been able to find anything like this.

Maybe I'm asking the wrong thing or the wrong way. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Best Answer

The one that works best for me is the old fashioned verbal method over a telephone.

Another easy way, which shouldn't go wrong, is two email addresses on different providers ideally.
One for usernames, One for passwords, and you get match them up by the name of the sendee, and the date/time they were sent.

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