Word – Microsoft Word 2013 failing to print checkbox character

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In my .docx file, I have a checklist typed out like this:

☐ Read the prep doc 
☐ Look up client notes

But when I print the document, the boxes don't appear. Everything else about the document prints correctly.

By the way, I've highlighted all of the text and set it as Times New Roman font.

However, even after doing that, if I move the cursor to one of the checkboxes, I see that it remains set as Segoe UI Symbol font.

How can I get Microsoft Word 2013 (on Windows) to correctly print this document with the boxes?

See also: "ballot box" character (☐) at http://graphemica.com/%E2%98%90

Best Answer

Try save as, then click on "tools" in the bottom right. Click on save options. Then choose the check box stating:"Embed fonts in the file". Try printing upon saving, it should work now.