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Is there a way to open an XML file in Microsoft Word and edit it as plain text? When I open my custom XML file in Word I get a dialog:

"The file contains custom XML elements which are no longer supported by Word. If you save this file, these custom XML elements will be removed permanently."

…and then the contents of the file are just the text content without any XML elements.

I am aware that many good plain text editors exist. I use one daily. However, I'm trying to advise an artist how to make a simple edit to an XML file, and I know that he has Word available. He cannot use Notepad because the files are saved as UTF-8, and use Unix newlines instead of CRLF.

Best Answer

Well if you’re happy with it, here’s the answer. ;)

WordPad is installed by default (dunno if it’s even removable) and accepts UNIX line breaks. It can also open XML files no problem. By default, it launches in page view (like Word), which can be turned off on the “View” ribbon. The corresponding button is called “Word Wrap”.

When opening files without formatting, a monospace font is used by default.

Unfortunately, the displayed line length is capped (at least on my system) at 4218 characters.