Word Processor Margins versus Printable Area of Paper

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I often get told by Word 2013 that, on trying to print, my margins are outside the printable area of the paper. Does this mean that the printer applies a 'margin' to the paper to which it cannot print, e.g. a cheap printer can only print within 2cm of the physical edges of a piece of A5 paper? So the margins I set in word must all be greater than or equal to 2cm. When I choose to Fix the margins, my margins are decreased to 2cm where necessary?

I am trying to replicate a document printed on slightly smaller than A5 paper, and print it on an A5 page size. I assume my margins of e.g. 0.6cm are outside of the printer's 'margin' for A%, say 0.8cm, and I get the complaint.

How could I remedy this? Physically centre the original document on a real A5 page and measure my Word margins from the edge of the A5?

Best Answer

All printers have a "printable area", how wide the margins to the true paper are depends on the make/model (and the paper size, obviously). Some printers are able to print right up to the paper border, but AFAIK that is rare. Printing on "larger than A5 paper" on a printer than handles up to A5 won't get you anything.