Word – section headings happen to be the last line on a page – how to fix that


I am using Word 2007 under Windows XP.

Often, a section heading (styles like "Heading 2", Heading 3") happen to be the last line on a page. This looks very ugly and destroys the logical flow of a document.

Can I fix this somehow, preferrably not manually?

Manually inserting a page break right before the offending section heading is not a solution, because I might enter text later somewhere upstream in the document, and then there would be a superfluous page break.

Best Answer

  • If you're using the built-in heading styles, you shouldn't have this problem because they are set to Keep with next by default. If that's failing or you're using a custom style, here're the steps to enable the proper behavior:

    1. Select the paragraph you need by double-clicking on the left margin next to it (the cursor changes to a mirror-reflection of itself when moved into the margin).
    2. Open the paragraph option dialog by clicking the button in the lower-right of the paragraph section on Home tab of the Ribbon:
      enter image description here
    3. In the Line and Page Breaks tab of the dialog, make sure that Keep with next is checked:
      enter image description here
    4. Click OK.