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In a sample document, there are a bunch of styles (in Garamond) based on Plain Text (Courier). I would like to change those styles to another font (Georgia, for example).

Since the styles in question are in Garamond but all based on Courier (from Plain Text) i would guess that each of the styles has had their fonts changed individually. Which makes me think i have to change each to the new font individually.

But… that can't be the only way to do this, right? There must be a way to make a wholesale font change to a group of styles like this. Or is there maybe something missing from my picture of how styles work.

If it matters, i'm using Word 2007.

Edit: I am not asking about replacing fonts with Control-H, unless you have a way to subsequently apply those changes to the affected styles.

Preferably the solution would be one that i could later explain to less-technical users how to do the same. So while the VBA solution might solve the problem for me this time, it is limited to script-savvy users.

Best Answer

  • I think the only way of redefining propeties of a large set of styles in one go would be to automate using VBA.

    What I would do here instead is redefine an underlying style (probably Normal rather than Plain Text, as Normal is the default for new text in a blank document) with the base properties of your document's text (language, Garamond font, size, line spacing and perhaps paragraph spacing) and change the other styles to be based on that.

    This will give you more maintainable set of styles in the longer run.

    If all your headings are going to be a different font, say Helvetica, you might want to set say Heading 6 as that font and base all other headings on that, but I don't think there's much need to use a much more complex model of 'inheritance'.