Word text style with NO indentation only at the first paragraph

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Is there a way to create a Office Word text style that does not indent the first line, but that does indent all the following paragraphs?



Best Answer

Yes this is possible:

  1. Create a new style. This will be the actual style that you will apply in the document. Apply the formatting you want but don't set any first line indent.
  2. Create another style, this will be a secondary style and not directly set by you so you may wish to hide it so it doesn't appear in the quick style pane. Set this style to be based on the first style you created so formatting in inherited and add a First line indent to the paragraph formatting.
  3. Under options for the newly created style set Style for Following paragraph to point to itself (so subsequent paragraphs have this style applied)
  4. In options for the first style you created Set Style for Following paragraph to the second style.

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Once this is set up you can set the first style to a paragraph and after pressing enter a few times you will see all paragraphs have first line indent except for the first paragraph.