Word – Using Keepass + Dropbox, where to store Dropbox’s password


I'm thinking about starting using KeePass2 with the password database on Dropbox to manage my passwords. I've been doing my research on the subject and I already moved a couple of passwords there to test the waters; so far, so good.

I'm currently stumped on one issue, however. My most important passwords that I definitely want on KeePass are my Google account password and my Dropbox password. But if I store my Dropbox password on KeePass, and KeePass is stored on Dropbox, how would I access my file in the first place to log into Dropbox?

How to people handle this? Do I need to memorize two complex, different passwords (one for KeePass and one for Dropbox) or is there a simple workaround for this I'm just not seeing?

Best Answer

I'll try to help since I use Keepass2.

I recommend you backup your Keepass database, the Master password for it, and the key file in more than one location. One of those locations should be in cold storage.

Don't just store both the Master password and the Key file in Dropbox because if you do forget the password to Dropbox you will lose access to your Keepass database.

Use a flash drive attached to a lanyard with a copy of your Keepass key file on it. This will encourage to you to use it only when you are at your computer.

Create strong password from a sentence that you can remember but add numbers, uppercase letters and symbols. Use this password for your Keepass database. Do the same for Dropbox.

This will prevent you from ever losing your passwords to both Keepass and Dropbox.