Word – Why does Ctrl+C randomly stop working in Microsoft Office?

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I've lost count of the number of times I've pressed Ctrl+C to copy something in some Microsoft Office app, flipped to another window or app, pressed Ctrl+V to paste, and instead, it pastes whatever had previously been in the clipboard. Annoyed, I flip back to the previous window, press Ctrl+C again, flip, paste, still doesn't work. Sometimes I have to try this three or four times.

Why does Office do this? It's like it's responding to keyboard shortcuts sluggishly, forcing me to slow down for something I shouldn't have to slow down for, making it generally irritating to use.

I haven't noticed this behavior in any other program. I can't remember if it's happened prior to the 2013 version. I've definitely had it happen in PowerPoint and Word.

It isn't simply stopping. It will stop, and then maybe start again. And then stop again. And start again. (Hence, "randomly".) I don't use Notepad++. I have Skype up, but if it were truly interfering with keyboard shortcuts, it wouldn't suddenly stop interfering. I might try the clipboard lock monitor when I get home, but I can't use it at work. Does it constantly monitor the lock in real time? If it doesn't, it won't be useful to diagnose this problem unless I'm extremely lucky.

Best Answer

  • MS Office 2013/2016 have multi-clipboard feature, triggered when you press Ctrl + C twice. This allows you to copy up to 24 multiple items. You can disable this feature:

    1. Select the Home tab.
    2. Select the arrow next to Clipboard.
    3. Select Options at the bottom-left of the window.
    4. Unselect Show Office Clipboard When CTRL+C Pressed Twice
      Control how the Office Clipboard is displayed
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