Zeroed memory vs. free memory – increasing free memory


I'm working with a QuickBooks add-on that requires a GREAT deal of memory to run. Problem is, QuickBooks is calculating available memory based on "free" memory as listed in RAMMAP. I've got 64GB on the machine, and RAMMAP is showing that 59GB of that memory is "Zeroed" and about 4GB of that memory is "Free".

Is this normal? Is there a way to increase the "Free" memory so that it can be utilized by the QuickBooks application? I have read hundreds of articles on increasing the memory usage for QuickBooks, and I'm at an iron wall here.

Any ideas?

Best Answer

This is normal and fine. Before Windows is using free memory it must be overridden by zeros. This is done by the MmZeroPageThread function of the kernel. That's why the value for zero is so large.

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