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I was wondering how to use Material's icons, as this is not working:

<material-icon icon = "/img/icons/ic_access_time_24px.svg"> </material-icon> 

I guess there is a problem with the path given as parameter to the the icon attribute. I would like to know where this icon folder actually is?

Best Answer

As the other answers didn't address my concern I decided to write my own answer.

The path given in the icon attribute of the md-icon directive is the URL of a .png or .svg file lying somewhere in your static file directory. So you have to put the right path of that file in the icon attribute. p.s put the file in the right directory so that your server could serve it.

Remember md-icon is not like bootstrap icons. Currently they are merely a directive that shows a .svg file.


Angular material design has changed a lot since this question was posted.

Now there are several ways to use md-icon

The first way is to use SVG icons.

<md-icon md-svg-src = '<url_of_an_image_file>'></md-icon>


<md-icon md-svg-src = '/static/img/android.svg'></md-icon>


<md-icon md-svg-src = '{{ getMyIcon() }}'></md-icon>

:where getMyIcon is a method defined in $scope.

or <md-icon md-svg-icon="social:android"></md-icon>

to use this you have to the $mdIconProvider service to configure your application with svg iconsets.

angular.module('appSvgIconSets', ['ngMaterial'])  
  .controller('DemoCtrl', function($scope) {})  
  .config(function($mdIconProvider) {
      .iconSet('social', 'img/icons/sets/social-icons.svg', 24)
      .defaultIconSet('img/icons/sets/core-icons.svg', 24);    

The second way is to use font icons.

<md-icon md-font-icon="android" alt="android"></md-icon>

<md-icon md-font-icon="fa-magic" class="fa" alt="magic wand"></md-icon>

prior to doing this you have to load the font library like this..

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

or use font icons with ligatures

<md-icon md-font-library="material-icons">face</md-icon>

<md-icon md-font-library="material-icons">#xE87C;</md-icon>

<md-icon md-font-library="material-icons" class="md-light md-48">face</md-icon>

For further details check our

Angular Material mdIcon Directive documentation

$mdIcon Service Documentation

$mdIconProvider Service Documentation