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My question is: Is it possible to get the azure active directory tenant id without using powershell command?

I found this two blogs and with this help, I'm already able to get the tenant ID and subscriptions ID from powershell. Is it the only way to retrieve the tenant?

Get Windows Azure Active Directory Tenant ID in Windows PowerShell

Windows Azure AD authentication support for PowerShell


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Time changes everything. I was looking to do the same recently and came up with this:


added 02/17/2021

Stable Portal Page thanks Palec

added 12/18/2017

As indicated by shadowbq, the DirectoryId and TenantId both equate to the GUID representing the ActiveDirectory Tenant. Depending on context, either term may be used by Microsoft documentation and products, which can be confusing.


  • You have access to the Azure Portal


The tenant ID is tied to ActiveDirectoy in Azure

  • Navigate to Dashboard
  • Navigate to ActiveDirectory
  • Navigate to Manage / Properties
  • Copy the "Directory ID"

Azure ActiveDirectory Tenant ID:


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