BigQuery: SPLIT() returns only one value


I have a page URL column components of which are delimited by /. I tried to run the SPLIT() function in BigQuery but it only gives the first value. I want all values in specific columns.

I don't understand how to use the Regexp_extract() example mentioned in Split string into multiple columns with bigquery.

I need something similar to REGEX_SPLIT_TO_TABLE(<String>, <DELIMITER>) which converts a single string into multiple columns.


DATE(TIMESTAMP(CONCAT(SUBSTR(date,1,4),'-',SUBSTR(date,5,2),'-',SUBSTR(date,7,2),' 00:00:00'))) as visit_date,
FROM [Intent.All2mon] limit 100

Best Answer

2018 standardSQL update:

SELECT SPLIT(path, '/')[OFFSET(0)] part1,
       SPLIT(path, '/')[OFFSET(1)] part2,
       SPLIT(path, '/')[OFFSET(2)] part3
FROM (SELECT "/a/b/aaaa?c" path)

Now I understand you want them in different columns.

An alternative to the query you provided:

SELECT FIRST(SPLIT(path, '/')) part1,
       NTH(2, SPLIT(path, '/')) part2,
       NTH(3, SPLIT(path, '/')) part3
FROM (SELECT "/a/b/aaaa?c" path)

NTH(X, SPLIT(s)) will provide the Xth value from the SPLIT. FIRST(s) is the same as NTH(1, s)