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I'm currently using GitHub over HTTPS and have the latest version of Git installed (1.9.0) along with the Git credential helper on Windows 7.

On setting up my environment, I told git-credentials to permanently remember my username and password.

I've recently updated my GitHub password via the website and I'm now no longer able to push/pull/fetch, etc.

How I would go about updating my password on git-credentials helper on Windows 7?

Best Answer

None of these answers ended up working for my Git credential issue. Here is what did work if anyone needs it (I'm using Git 1.9 on Windows 8.1).

To update your credentials, go to Control PanelCredential ManagerGeneric Credentials. Find the credentials related to your Git account and edit them to use the updated password.

Reference: How to update your Git credentials on Windows

Note that to use the Windows Credential Manager for Git you need to configure the credential helper like so:

git config --global credential.helper wincred

If you have multiple GitHub accounts that you use for different repositories, then you should configure credentials to use the full repository path (rather than just the domain, which is the default):

git config --global credential.useHttpPath true
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