How to integrate sourcetree for gitlab


I worked on github and integrated it to sourcetree (MAC version) for one of my project. I would like to use sourcetree for GITLAB. But I am not able to add remote of gitlab to source tree. In Repository settings, Only I can see host type as "unknown", "bitbucket", "github" & "stash". I used unknown but it won't help me.

Sourcetree Version 2.0.4 (2.0.4)

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Best Answer

This worked for me,

Step 1: Click on + New Repository> Clone from URL

Step 2: In Source URL provide URL followed by your user name,


  • GitLab Repo URL :
  • GitLab User Name : zaid.pathan

So final URL should be

Note: zaid.pathan@ added before git.

Step 3: Enjoy cloning :).