How to make a single virtualbox window full screen


I have dual monitors and a VM in virtual box with two displays, which gives me two separate windows. Is it possible to make only one of these VirtualBox windows full screen?

Best Answer

I was also facing same issue.

I installed 6.0.8 form here on my windows machine then installed ubuntu-19.04.

When I start it, got small window screen.

I looked for that in many articles such as-


Last article advice me to install some Guest Additions from Virtual Box but that also didn't worked.

solution was very small and easy-

  1. Login to the ubuntu machine.
  2. Look for settings > Devices.
  3. Changed Resolution as 1920 x 1200.
  4. Clicked Apply.
  5. Choose "keep configuration".

That produced required result.
Note- You may have different regularization size. sometime may not have suitable resolution.

Hope will help you!