Html – How to run a html file from terminal?


I have a html file that titled test.html this is the file:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<body onload="document.getElementById('saveForm').click();">
<form method="post" enctype="multipart-form-data" name="my_form" onsubmit="clearTextBoxCounter()" action="http://xxxxx" >

  <input type=hidden name=teks value=><center><b>KIRIM SMS GRATIS</b></center><br><br>
Nomer HP:<br />
  <input class="field text small" type="text" maxlength="20" name="Phonenumbers" value="085642383165"/>
  <br />

<br />
Isi Pesan:<br />
  <textarea rows="5" cols="20" onKeyPress=check_length(this.form); onKeyDown=check_length(this.form); name=Text >testing pesan 2</textarea>
<br />

<input id="saveForm" class="btTxt" type="submit" value="KIRIM" name="TOMBOL" />


as you can see when the file is loaded it automatically clicks the submit button, and redirects it to http://xxxxxx how can I run this html file from terminal? I'm using this on openwrt with webserver installed on it.

Best Answer

For those like me, who have reached this thread because they want to serve an html file from linux terminal or want to view it using a terminal command, use these steps:-

  1. If you want to view your html using a browser:

Navigate to the directory containing the html file
If you have chrome installed,


google-chrome &lt;filename>.html

Or Use

firefox &lt;filename>.html
  1. If you want to serve html file and view it using a browser

Navigate to the directory containing the html file
And Simply type the following on the Terminal:-

pushd &lt;filename>.html;  python3 -m http.server 9999; popd;

Then click the I.P. address OR localhost:9999 (Whatever is the result after executing the above commands). Or type on the terminal :-


Using the second method, anyone else connected to the same network can also view your file by using the URL: