Ios – Adding space/padding to a UILabel


I have a UILabel where I want to add space in the top and in the bottom. With the minimum height in constraints, I've modified it to:

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To do this I've used:

override func drawTextInRect(rect: CGRect) {
    var insets: UIEdgeInsets = UIEdgeInsets(top: 0.0, left: 10.0, bottom: 0.0, right: 10.0)
    super.drawTextInRect(UIEdgeInsetsInsetRect(rect, insets))

But I've to find a different method because if I write more than two lines, the problem is the same:

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Best Answer

I have tried with it on Swift 4.2, hopefully it work for you!

@IBDesignable class PaddingLabel: UILabel {

    @IBInspectable var topInset: CGFloat = 5.0
    @IBInspectable var bottomInset: CGFloat = 5.0
    @IBInspectable var leftInset: CGFloat = 7.0
    @IBInspectable var rightInset: CGFloat = 7.0

    override func drawText(in rect: CGRect) {
        let insets = UIEdgeInsets(top: topInset, left: leftInset, bottom: bottomInset, right: rightInset)
        super.drawText(in: rect.inset(by: insets))

    override var intrinsicContentSize: CGSize {
        let size = super.intrinsicContentSize
        return CGSize(width: size.width + leftInset + rightInset,
                      height: size.height + topInset + bottomInset)

    override var bounds: CGRect {
        didSet {
            // ensures this works within stack views if multi-line
            preferredMaxLayoutWidth = bounds.width - (leftInset + rightInset)

Or you can use CocoaPods here

pod 'PaddingLabel', '1.2'

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