Ios – How to load specific image from assets with Swift


I'm new to Swift and I want to load a special image from assets. For example I have:

image 1 for iphone 4s = green-square@2x.png
image 2 for iphone 5/5s = green-square-Retina@2x.png
image 3 for iphone 6s = green-square@3x.png

and I want to load for iphone 6 a specific image like

self.GSquare = SKSpriteNode(imageNamed: "./Images.xcassets/green-square-Retina@2x.png")

Is it possible?

Best Answer

You cannot load images directly with @2x or @3x, system selects appropriate image automatically, just specify the name using UIImage:

UIImage(named: "green-square-Retina")