Ios – Remove alpha channel in an image


I have an app icon for iOS but Apple doesn't allow alpha to be in the image. How to remove this alpha channel? I only have the png image with me I don't have the source file as my friend did the image for me.

Best Answer

The accepted answer to export to JPG, then back to PNG is not recommended.

  • It's an extra step in the process (2 exports)
  • JPG is lossy, so you will lose some image data

Here's a super fast and easy way to do this without the extra export or saving to (lossy) JPG:

Using Preview app (Mac):

  1. Open the image
  2. Command-Shift-S to Duplicate (creates a copy)
  3. Command-S to Save
  4. Deselect the "Alpha" checkbox
  5. Delete " copy" from filename (including the space)
    • This will overwrite your original, if you want to keep the original, just leave "copy" in the name
  6. Save
  7. Click 'Replace' to confirm you want to overwrite the original
    • Only necessary if you are overwriting your original remove alpha channel