Java – How to convert LocalDate to SQL Date Java


How do I convert a LocalDate to a java.sql.Date?


Record r = new Record();
LocalDate date = new Date(1967, 06, 22);
r.setDateOfBirth(new Date(date));

This fails (won't compile) and all I can find is Joda time stuff.

I'm using Java 8

Best Answer

The answer is really simple;

import java.sql.Date;
LocalDate locald = LocalDate.of(1967, 06, 22);
Date date = Date.valueOf(locald); // Magic happens here!

If you would want to convert it the other way around, you do it like this:

Date date = r.getDate();
LocalDate localD = date.toLocalDate();

r is the record you're using in JOOQ and .getDate() is the method for getting the date out of your record; let's say you have a date column called date_of_birth, then your get method should be called getDateOfBirth().