Java – No data type for node: org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.tree.IdentNode HQL


I have the HQL where I trying to get artifacts that have no classification (when active is 0)

artifacts = Artifact.findAll("FROM Artifact WHERE id NOT IN ( SELECT artifact_id FROM Classification WHERE active = 1) AND document_id = :docid",[], [max:limit, offset:startIndex]);

Whenever I run I get the error

java.lang.IllegalStateException: No data type for node: org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.tree.IdentNode 
 \-[IDENT] IdentNode: 'artifact_id' {originalText=artifact_id}

Classificaiton definition:

class Classification {

    public static final String USER_DEFAULT = "USER"
    public static final String USER_SYSTEM = "SYSTEM"

    TaxonomyNode node
    String artifactId 
    Boolean active
    String createdBy
    String updatedBy
    Date dateCreated
    Date lastUpdated

    static constraints = {
        node nullable:false, blank:false
        artifactId nullable:false, blank:false, unique: ['node']
        active nullable: false, blank: false
        createdBy nullable:false, blank:false
        updatedBy nullable:false, blank:false

    static mapping = {
        id generator:'sequence', params:[sequence:'classification_seq']
        artifactId index: 'classify_by_artifact_node'
        node index: 'classify_by_artifact_node'
        active defaultValue: "1"

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Best Answer

SQL queries use column names while HQL queries use Class properties. You're selecting artifact_id from Classification but the Classification class has no property named 'artifact_id'. To fix it, use the class property in your HQL.

SELECT artifactId FROM Classification