Javascript – Can you target an elements parent element using


I am trying to change the innerHTML of my page to become the innerHTML of the element I click on, the only problem is that i want it to take the whole element such as:

<section class="homeItem" data-detail="{"ID":"8","Name":"MacBook Air","Description":"2015 MacBook A…"20","Price":"899","Photo":"Images/Products/macbookAir.png"}"></section>

Whereas the code that i have written in javascript:

function selectedProduct(event){
  target =;
  element = document.getElementById("test");
  element.innerHTML = target.innerHTML;

will target the specific element that i click on.

What i would like to achieve is when i click on anywhere in the <section> element, that it will take the innerHTML of the whole element rather than the specific one that i have clicked.

I would presume it is something to do with selecting the parent element of the one that is clicked but i am not sure and can't find anything online.

If possible i would like to stay away from JQuery

Best Answer

I think what you need is to use the event.currentTarget. This will contain the element that actually has the event listener. So if the whole <section> has the eventlistener will be the clicked element, the <section> will be in event.currentTarget.

Otherwise parentNode might be what you're looking for.

link to currentTarget
link to parentNode