Javascript – sweet-alert display HTML code in text


I am using sweet-alert plugin to display an alert. With a classical config (defaults), everything goes OK. But when I want to add a HTML tag into the TEXT, it display <b>...</b> without making it bold. After searching for the answer, it looks like I don't have the right search word…

How to make sweet alert display the text also with HTML code?

var hh = "<b>test</b>";
    title: "" + txt + "", 
    text: "Testno  sporocilo za objekt " + hh + "",  
    confirmButtonText: "V redu", 
    allowOutsideClick: "true" 

Best Answer

The SweetAlert repo seems to be unmaintained. There's a bunch of Pull Requests without any replies, the last merged pull request was on Nov 9, 2014.

I created SweetAlert2 with HTML support in modal and some other options for customization modal window - width, padding, Esc button behavior, etc.{
  title: "<i>Title</i>", 
  html: "Testno  sporocilo za objekt: <b>test</b>",  
  confirmButtonText: "V <u>redu</u>", 
<script src=""></script>

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