Mongodb – How to connect Robomongo to MongoDB


I am have MongoDB and Robomongo in my running system, and I am using Robomongo as the client.

I have installed MongoDB on a different system which I am treating as server, and I want to connect Robomongo of my system (as a client) to MongoDB on another system (server). What steps should I follow to achieve the same?

I am using the machine name, as the system's IP address is not static. But even if I use the system's IP address, I get the same error:

connect failed, can't connect couldn't connect to server W7IN05200067D:27017"

I am connecting to it directly, and I am not using any authentication.

Best Answer

I was able to connect Robomongo to a remote instance of MongoDB running on Mongo Labs using the connection string as follows:

  1. Download the latest version of Robomongo. I downloaded 0.9 RC6 from here.

  2. From the connection string, populate the server address and port numbers as follows.

    Connection settings

  3. Populate DB name and username and password as follows under the authentication tab.

    Authentication settings

  4. Test the connection.

    Test connection

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