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I have to create an SP that returns a value if it's valid or not. But it doesn't return anything and I don't know, why?

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `validar_egreso`(
    IN codigo_producto VARCHAR(100),
    IN cantidad INT,
    OUT valido INT(11)
    DECLARE resta INT(11);
    SET resta = 0;

    SELECT (s.stock - cantidad) INTO resta
    FROM stock AS s
    WHERE codigo_producto = s.codigo;

    IF (resta > s.stock_minimo) THEN
        SET valido = 1;
        SET valido = -1;
    END IF;
    SELECT valido;

Best Answer

You have done the stored procedure correctly but I think you have not referenced the valido variable properly. I was looking at some examples and they have put an @ symbol before the parameter like this @Valido

This statement SELECT valido; should be like this SELECT @valido;

Look at this link mysql stored-procedure: out parameter. Notice the solution with 7 upvotes. He has reference the parameter with an @ sign, hence I suggested you add an @ sign before your parameter valido

I hope that works for you. if it does vote up and mark it as the answer. If not, tell me.