Python – How to print variables without spaces between values


I would like to know how to remove additional spaces when I print something.

Like when I do:

print 'Value is "', value, '"'

The output will be:

Value is " 42 "

But I want:

Value is "42"

Is there any way to do this?

Best Answer

Don't use print ..., (with a trailing comma) if you don't want spaces. Use string concatenation or formatting.


print 'Value is "' + str(value) + '"'


print 'Value is "{}"'.format(value)

The latter is far more flexible, see the str.format() method documentation and the Formatting String Syntax section.

You'll also come across the older % formatting style:

print 'Value is "%d"' % value
print 'Value is "%d", but math.pi is %.2f' % (value, math.pi)

but this isn't as flexible as the newer str.format() method.

In Python 3.6 and newer, you'd use a formatted string (f-string):

print(f"Value is {value}")
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